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EL Wire Hoodies
comes in 4 colors

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12v waterproof driver
Product #4093

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All our EL wire
Is sold by the foot

Color Blast
Now available

All our 2.2mm wire
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New PL3 5.0mm in FIVE colors - a bright and thick wire.

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EL wire Online

Now you can get low cost EL wire online for $0.99. We ship to the USA, Canada, UK, and around the world. We are pleased to offer Polar Bright 2 EL wire and the new Polar Bright 3 to our customers.

We offer the largest selection of EL wire Polar Bright 2 & 3 wires and drivers.  Polar Bright 2 wire is available in
0.9mm, 2.2mm, 3.2mm and 5.0mm diameter.  Polar Bright 3 wire is available in 2.6mm and 5.0mm.

Polar Bright 2 EL wire or Polar Bright 3 is great for events similar to Burning Man, Shambhala music festival, Electric Daisy Carnival, and Wakarusa Festival .  Don't forget to consider EL wire for Halloween and other costumed activities.

EL wire is an amazing flexible lighting product with endless applications and possibilities. EL wire, also known as electroluminescent wire, is totally flexible, cool to the touch, non-toxic, and produces a true 360 degree radiant soft NEON glow.

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 Ready To Use EL Wire 
EL Wire Stickman

Go green and Create your own Halloween Stick Figure with this ready to install kit.
(Now shipping the same day)


Now dance crews, cheer teams, and groups of friends can put together an outfit around these light up hoodies and blow the competition away with their originality try our EL wire hoodie.

BodyBlaster Strobe Wire

The BodyBlaster is ideal for many costuming and wearable applications


E-textiles are the wave of the future! Use electroluminescent (EL) wire to transform an ordinary hoodie into an unusual fashion statement, straight out of TRON! Look mysterious with an ethereal glow.

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