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 Frequently Asked Questions 
  • Care of EL Wire/ Destroying EL Wire
    The common way that EL Wire gets destroyed is continuous bending. On costumes, this is typically not such a problem since the wire is bending over a long radius. It becomes trouble when EL Wire is wrapped tightly around a flexible object, such as a fiberglass bike flag pole. The continuous motion coupled with the tight windings breaks down the phosphor core in the wire. Other ways to destroy EL Wire include very sharp bends, chafing on sharp corners of other objects, and stretching. EL Wire is tough, but it cannot withstand everything.  back to top

  • What is electroluminescent wire?
    Electroluminescent wire is a light source based on electroluminescent technology. It is the only linear light source in the world available in the form of a wire, many colors, small diameters, and continuous lengths--varying from inches to thousands of feet.  back to top

  • Is wire sold raw, without connecting lead wires?
    Yes, the wire is sold raw. You will need to solder on a lead wire with a male connection (we sell various lengths of these in our connection supplies section). You can also have us solder on the lead wires for an additonal charge (see our custom connections section). Wire also needs a power source, so don't forget to order an appropriate power source depending on what you want it to do (eg. just blink on or constant on, or sound activated, etc.) and the length of wire that has to be powered.  back to top

  • What does 'Qty' mean when ordering?
    If you want 5 feet of a particular wire, for example, then you would put 5 in the 'Qty' section when ordering. Wire is always sold by the foot.   back to top

  • Why electroluminescent wire over neon?
    In contrast to neon, electroluminescent wire is: flexible, energy-saving, less expensive, easy to install, cool to the touch, available in many colors, available in continuous lengths (ranges several inches to thousands of feet, mm - Km). Powered by batteries, EL wire is suitable for ornaments and jewelry, can be cut, spliced, braided or looped. EL wire is both water resistant and weather durable.  back to top

  • How bright is electroluminescent wire?
    Electroluminescent wires are bright enough for outlining and decorative purposes. From dusk onwards they are quite obvious, getting more noticeable with nightfall. Increasing input voltage and/or frequency will increase the brightness of the wire. Tips on additional ways to increase the general brightness of electroluminescent wire: doubling or tripling the wire results in greater brightness. Applying reflective or white paint under the electroluminescent wire(in a sign, for instance, achieves an increase in glow).  back to top

  • What are the available colors of electroluminescent wire?
    We have 10 colors in the 2.2mm wire, Lime Green, Blue, White, Pink, Red, Blue-Green, Yellow, Orange, Green, Purple  back to top

  • What can electroluminescent wire be used for?
    Consumer Products: toys, picture frames, clocks, and gift items. Fashion: jewelry, jeans, evening wear, sports clothes, and footwear. Entertainment: special effects for stage, movies and TV productions. Safety/Transportation: safety lighting for buses, cars and bikes. Traffic: airstrips, helicopter landings, and stick lights for directing traffic. Security/Safety Clothing: lifejackets, road workers, police, etc. Signage: restaurants, museums, points of sale, and highway signs Emergency: evacuation from public buildings Other: there are endless other exciting applications that are unique to your situation!  back to top

  • Can electroluminescent wire be installed without training?
    You don't need any professional background in order to install electroluminescent wire into the application you choose. All you need is an ordinary electric outlet and some tools. For portable applications, offers a variety of inverters (also called drivers). An inverter is a small electric device operated by DC voltage. The inverter's function is to convert the DC voltage to continuous AC voltage, necessary for the operating of electroluminescent wire. The intensity of the light varies when the voltage, frequency or both are changed. In order to allow the user many different possibilities, developed diffrent kinds inverters; low power/low frequency, low power/high frequency, high power/low frequency, high power/high frequency. The wire can be cut to the size you need. Any combination of the 10 existing electroluminescent wire colors may be soldered together. Wires of different colors may be attached to each other either in series or in parallel to each other. EL wire may also be attached to an ordinary electric wire.  back to top

  • How many different thicknesses does EL wire come in?:
    Standard thickness - 2.2mm, - for common use. Thick sheath - 3.2mm -for medium duty. Ultra-thick sheathing - 5mm heavy duty wire ultra-thin sheathing - 1.3mm and now 2.6 for common use (this is Polar Bright 3 wire)  back to top

  • What if I live in Canada?
    If you live in Canada,please call customer service at 1-866-542-4569 to pay for your order in CAD. We have a retail store in Montreal,Quebec,Canada 1616-St Catherine West 2nd Floor Local phone number is 514-313-6111   back to top

  • Can EL wire electrocute me?
    We have tested the end of EL wire that was not sealed.It can send a shock like feeling so we recommend that you always have an end cap. We would advise people to NOT to keep an open end of the EL Wire.  back to top

  • Does EL wire get hot?
    No, it does not even get warm. The temperature is unaffected by being on or off.  back to top

  • Do the drivers make any sound?
    Yes, they make a high pitched sound. The loudness varies from driver to driver, but no elwire driver is completely silent.  back to top

  • Can the sound bleed out into other equipment?
    Yes, the high-pitched sound produced by the drivers can bleed into other equipment, ie phones, musical equipment, if located too close to each other.  back to top

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