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Soldering Connections
Lead Wire
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Soldering Connections (4129-4131)
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We can do the soldering work for you and our work is guaranteed.

Let us handle the soldering for you. We have a complete shop and all of the connection supplies needed to complete your project. Email us a diagram of what you need and we will do the rest. Check out the connection examples below for an idea of how to count connections. If you are unsure we can help you when you email your diagram.

We must have something to connect if you order a connection. Pre-connected EL Wire does not need a connection. Order connections only if you are ordering Bulk EL Wire, and you want that wire connected to an inverter, connector, etc. Please provide clear direction on what you would like connected.
(for a 4" lead wire it is $6.00 per Connection, $6.50 for a 6" lead wire, or $7.50 for a 12" Lead wire) 


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Polar Bright High Brightness EL Wire is perfect for Outdoor use. Priced right and made to last, Polar Bright EL Wire will make your projects come to life. Use with any inverter or sequencer for amazing lighting effects.
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