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Water Resistant Driver (4064)
Water Resistant Driver
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Finally a Water Resistant driver! This portable driver is great for the slopes, water sports, camping, outdoor displays, and emergency situations. It even floats! 0-7 ft

These drivers come with a 3ft water proof lead. Solder your wire directly to the lead and use glue coated hear shrink or cover your solder joint with hot glue prior to normal heat shrink. Push button on the side allows easy on/off/blink functionality. Will illuminate 0-7ft of Electroluminescent wire. Uses 2 AAA batteries.

Diameter of Wire for Polar Bright 2 wire
0.9 mm
2.2 mm
2.2 mm Tail
3.2 mm
5.0 mm

All the above PL2 wires on this driver can do 0 - 7 ft

Diameter of Wire for Polar Bright 3 wire
2.6 mm PL3
5.0 mm PL3
Color Blast PL 3

All the above PL3 wires on this driver can do 0 - 4 ft

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