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9 Volt Blink/Constant Inverter (11 - 17 ft)
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9 Volt Blink/Constant Inverter (11 - 17 ft) (4208)
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Inverters are a necessary part of any EL-Wire project. Without an inverter your EL-Wire will not light. Choose your inverter based on the power supply you want to use and how much EL-Wire you want to run.

This 9 v  driver has more power to meet your needs on all your EL wire projects. Our 9 volt DC inverter runs 11 - 17 feet of High Brightness EL Wire, constant or two flash modes.
Built in battery holder. Just a 9v batteries and attach your EL Wire.

  1 9v battery inverter
  Input:1pcs*9v battery(=9 VDC)
  Drive EL wire length: 350 cm - 500 cm Polar light 2 wire 2.2 mm and 5.0mm

Diameter of Wire for Polar Bright 2 wire
0.9 mm
2.2 mm
2.2 mm Tail
3.2 mm
5.0 mm

All the above PL2 wires on this driver can do 11 - 17 ft

Diameter of Wire for Polar Bright 3 wire
2.6 mm PL3
5.0 mm PL3
Color Blast PL 3

All the above PL3 wires on this driver can do 0 - 7 ft


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