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What is EL Wire?

EL wire is an amazing Flexible lighting product with endless application possibilities. EL Wire, also known as electroluminescent wire, is totally flexible, cool to the touch, non-toxic, and produces a true 360 degree radiant soft NEON glow.

We can light one of your existing fashions or accessories or we can start from scratch using your drawings. For your lighted clothing, lighted accessory, and lighted costume needs, please call us toll free at:1-866-542-4569 or 514-313-6111.

What other type of service do you offer?

Combining EL Wire with clothing creates amazing results and it is fun work. You can really show your creative side wherever you go when you light your clothing. Lighted clothing is a great hobby and the options are endless. Your creativity and some basic sewing skills can make for some great lighted clothing effects. Go freestyle or follow natural design lines when working with your EL Wire clothing.

EL Wire Signs
EL Wire Online will build almost any sign you can imagine. From simple real estate signs to fully illuminated animated signs, we do it all. We illuminate custom artwork and can use plastic, wood, aluminum, and other base materials. We supply only the finest EL Wire Online? EL-Wire Illuminated custom signs. Let this page help spark your imagination and then call us at 1-866-542-4569 to discuss your needs. You can also click here to submit a custom sign request form and we will get you a quote. Please include artwork if you have it.

When you accept our quote a 75% down payment is required to get the artwork created. The remaining 25% is due once you approve the artwork proof and before we start production. Custom signs typically take 1-3 weeks to ship.

Remember, EL-Wire is not neon but it looks like neon without the breakable glass. The benefits of EL-Wire signs are that they run cool, use minimal energy, look great day or night, on or off, and are virtually indestructible. If you have difficulty keeping neon from getting broken talk to us.

EL-Wire signs are handmade custom products and we cannot accept returns on these items, except for defects in material and workmanship. All signs are handmade by experienced craftsmen. EL-Wire and Signs are what we do and we are proud of our work. You will be too.

EL Wire online can also print your non-illuminated signs. Call us at 1-866-542-4569 or click here to submit a custom sign request form. We will contact you with a quote. Include artwork if you have it.

Please check local building codes before you order any custom outdoor sign. There are maximum size limits in some communities, and there can be lighting restrictions. If your order must cross an international border please take that into account. Customs can be slow these days.
                                                               Here are a few sample of our work

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